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The nature of the work performed by Mar-Tech Underground Services is varied and always evolving , but is primarily geared towards the trenchless inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation of underground pipelines.

CCTV Inspection

CCTV Inspection Out of sight, out of mind isn't the idea that something is unimportant and can be forgotten or dismissed because it isn't in our direct view. This is sometimes the mindset of people when it comes to buried underground utilities such as sanitary and drainage pipelines. Unfortunately, all sewers have a lifespan and many are well past their design life.

Mainline Grouting (150mm - 1800mm)

The mainline grouting process begins by air-testing joints to determine grouting requirements. If a joint fails an air-test, a packer containing the grout is inserted into the line through the manhole. After centering on the joint, the packer is inflated, and grout is injected through the joint connection. The grout creates a hard, impermeable gel around the outside of the pipe. The packer is then deflated, and pulled back for camera inspection, then scraping the remaining gel ring leaving 100% flow capacity in the pipe.


Hydro-excavating is very well-suited to almost any small excavation and is a completely self-contained unit. With a two-man crew, hydro-excavation can be performed while the main crew is doing other work, or it can be completed ahead of time, and the hole is covered for safety overnight.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is a proven method of effectively identifying inflow (storm/ground water into sanitary sewers), connected roof and basement drains, yard drains, illegal taps, and storm sewer cross connection. Reducing inflow and infiltration saves the costs of tereating ground water at wastewater treatment plants. The environmental Protection Agency has advised municipalities to eliminate inflow and infiltration systems. Smoke testing sewer systems is an effective way to accomplish this goal.

Dye Testing

Dye Testing is a safe and non-invasive way of testing sewers for leaks, illegal connections and cross-connections as well as for conducting small-scale flow studies in manholes, mains and laterals. When these powerful, brightly-coloured, non-toxic dyes are introduced into the sewer system they act as a strong indicator of flow source and can be used to determine where connections tie-in to existing systems and also how great the inflow from the source.

Traffic Control​

Mar-Tech Underground Services Traffic Division supplies Mar-Tech Underground crews with all traffic control needs necessary to ensure appropriate permits are in place, and all on site traffic requirements are covered to complete each project safely. Mar-Tech Underground Services extends the efficiency of their Traffic Division team to any and all outside companies needing assistance with any of their upcoming or ongoing projects.

NASSCO Training

Mar-Tech is pleased to offer the Canadian Standards Association Edition of NASSCO's Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP®), Manhole Assessment (MACP®) and Lateral Assessment (LACP®) Programs. We also provide re-certification training to those who have taken the course previously but need to renew.