Point Repairs and Service Laterals

Mainline Point Repair (150mm – 900mm) and Lateral Point Repair (100mm – 200mm)

Often times during a regular inspection trouble spots occur that can quickly be fixed using a point repair via internal grouting. Sending in a packer accompanied by a CCTV camera to aid in locating the problem and correctly placing of the packer. Once in the correct location the packer is inflated to isolate the leak and then the chemical grout is inserted under pressure and the packer stays in place until the grout has cured. The packed is built to allow for approximately 505 unrestricted flow of the mainline to allow the mainline to still flow. No need for a by-pass set up.

Lateral Grouting

The Flexible Push-type packer is used to test and seal lateral lines from an above ground access or cleanout. It has a 3.0 foot or 5.0 foot long grouting chamber. While air-testing, the center element also expands so that when grouting is completed, only a slight skim of residual grout is left behind. The preferred test and Grout technique consists of pushing the packer to the far end of the lateral, and bringing it back in 3 or 5 foot increments, (the length of the grout chamber), testing successive sections and grouting those which dont meet test requirements.

IC to Main (100mm – 150mm)


Service Interface in Main (150mm – 600mm MAINS / 100mm – 200mm Laterals)
Service interface Grouting
Service Interface in Main (150mm – 600mm MAINS / 100mm – 200mm Laterals)


Long Reach Service Grouting