Open House

Like many companies offering state-of-the-art solutions, Mar-Tech hosts Open Houses for the staff of various municipalities and cities throughout B.C., from the employees working in the field to the office staff. Engineering firms are also invited to see the actual processes that occur under the roadways. The Mar-Tech team also includes an incredible meal served by one of the best Food Trucks available.

Held at the Mar-Tech facility in Langley, the Open House is held from 10:00am to 2:00pm and offers scheduled demonstrations of the various services offered by Mar-Tech. Some of the demonstrations held during the previous open house included:

  • 200mm diameter Liner Wet-out
  • MTH Installation
  • 200mm diameter Liner Installation
  • Manhole Scanner Demo Display
  • LAMP Camera with Pan and Tilt Head Demo
  • Interface Grouting from the Mainline, 6 Meters up the Lateral
  • Laser Profile Demo Display
  • Internal Point Repair
  • Schwalm Cutter Demo

open house


Open Houses don’t happen every year at Mar-Tech, but send us an e-mail to make sure you get invited to the next one.

Daniel Arnold, Chief Operator, Waste Water Collections, from Squamish won the draw for the 55″ TV….you need to stay till the draw to win!!!