An incredibly effective way of extending the life of any sewer main is to reline the pipe using a cured-in-place liner. This is a stand-alone structural pipe that will take the place of the existing (host) pipe.

  The pipe is cleaned via flushing and inspected for suitability. The lining crew utilizes a very small footprint at each end of the main, with full traffic control provided by specially trained Mar-Tech crews. The manholes rarely require more than the manhole lid being removed, however for larger mains, the manhole “donuts” may need to be excavated and removed.

  The liner is prepared at the Mar-Tech facility the day before the liner is to be installed and stored in a refrigerated area. The liner arrives on site, packed in ice and has an appearance similar to a flat felt liner. The liner is then inserted into the main through a special piece of equipment known as a “shooter” and forced into place using air or water pressure. 

  Once inserted into the sewer main host pipe, the resin impregnated felt is pushed against the walls of the host pipe and the liner is now on the inside due to the inversion of the liner upon installation. The liner “day lights” at the far end manhole and a metal mold is placed around the air-filled liner to create a sample for testing.

  Air/steam is then inserted into the liner until the required curing temperature is achieved. As soon as the temperature has reached the optimal heat levels, a formula is applied to achieve the proper curing time – often two or more hours. Once the liner has cooled down, the ends are removed utilizing a hand saw with minimal cleanup. The lining process can generally be accomplished within an 8-hour day.