When working from an existing Manhole or Inspection Chamber is not possible, excavation is sometimes necessary. Hydro excavating uses high pressure water to loosen the soil and then a vacuum truck removes the soil. This is an exceptional way to leave existing services…gas, water and hydro, undisturbed.

Hydro excavation may be used in place of almost any type of small excavation and is a self contained unit. Typically a 2 man crew is used, so hydro excavation can be done while the main crew is doing other work or it can be done ahead of time and the hole covered for safety overnight.
For larger excavations, the waste from the HydroVac truck can be offloaded to a septic truck for disposal so the HydroVac truck can stay on site and keep excavating.

One of the biggest benefits of using hydro-excavation over other typical forms of excavation is the ability to safely and quickly “dig” in areas where other utilities might be present, without risk of interruption and/or damage to these systems.

Hydro-excavation can be used to efficiently expose small, delicate fittings and other buried utilities for repair, and also clear material from partially exposed equipment where better access is needed.