CCTV Inspection

Mar-Tech Inspections:

With the aging infrastructure located throughout B.C., Mar-Tech has been active in inspecting sewer mains and isolating problem areas that require further action.

In an effort to minimize traffic delays, main arterial routes may be scheduled at ‘off peak’ times, while smaller side streets may be inspected at any time of the day. A very small footprint is needed for Mar-Tech to complete an inspection. While a series of traffic signs and cones on side streets is sufficient, working on main routes often requires a full flagging crew to ensure a smooth and safe inspection.

Once the inspection truck is safely set up near the manhole, the lid is pulled away and the camera is lowered into the manhole to begin the inspection. Generally, no access is needed by Mar-Tech personnel, though the Inspection trucks are fully equipped for Confined Space Entry.

Inspections are typically done by maneuvering the camera downstream, so that the water flow does not back up against the camera and usually performed after Mar-Tech has cleaned the mainlines. Occasionally restricted flows require a flushing nozzle to be inserted and pulled downstream ahead of the camera rig.

Any aberration to the pipe is noted utilizing the state-of-the-art digital recording equipment, then uploaded to a software program that allows City Engineers instant access to the pipe inspection reports.